'illuminate' - Exhibition

Joint exhibition by Giuliana Lazzerini & Lesley Seeger with ceramics by Lisa Katzenstein.

Open from 8th October till 12th November 2016.

Exhibition based on the article in the Yorkshire Art Journal by Katherine April Caddy (Founder - Yorkshire Art Journal.

Assistant Editor - Ceramic Review and Freelance Arts Writer & Curator) exploring the work of two  Yorkshire-based painters. Their work pops up across the county  and beyond, notable for its vibrancy and the way it captures and  illuminates aspects of the landscape and architecture it draws force  from. Both Giuliana Lazzerini and Lesley Seeger use colour to produce  tapestry-like paintings that gently flatten and harmonise their  subjects, both in terms of content and tonal quality. The  artists paintings evoke much about the joy and beauty that can  be found in our world.

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